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Our Mission

Ever Free Wellness is a company dedicated to helping the community grow, heal, connect, and learn. Our goal is to break away the stigma behind mental health by offering lectures in mental wellness, individual and family counseling services, outdoor playgroups, teen groups, and training to the next generation of mental health professionals. 


Founded in 2018 by three Licensed Mental Health Professionals with a combined experience of 20 years in the Mental Health Field. The team uses a multidisciplinary approach that combines their experience and training to provide effective and recognized approaches such as:


        Cognitive Behavioral,  Attachment-Based, Humanistic, Solution-Focused, 

         Trauma-Focused, Strength-Based, Multicultural, Developmental,

    Coaching, Filial Therapy, Therapeutic Art and Play, Mindfulness & Eco-therapy 

Our Passion

The Everfree Team believes that nature provides a natural therapeutic environment where emotional, social, and cognitive skills can be built, learned and nurtured to help children and adults identify and enhance their strengths and needs. We want to see people grow and heal beyond the office walls. In this fast pace society where everyone is always on the go, we look into helping you unplug and connect to your most valuable resources; your backyard, your park, the sun, your family, your neighbhors= your environment. 


Therapy is more than just sitting in an office to talk. It's about finding yourself, your strengths, battling your challenges, understanding others, working with others, and finding peace. This is the Ever Free Passion. 


We offer both Traditional Office services and Outdoor Therapeutic Services. Bilingual (Spanish & English) services offered as well. 



Meet the Team

Alexandra has 11 years of work experience in the mental health field.  Her devotion to her family brought her to study the impact of early childhood experiences in development and growth. Her goal is to educate children, parents, teens, and adults on how experiences can mold and shape our brain, our functioning, and our well being. She would like to take it further by showing you how creating experiences in nature can lead to a healthier and more self-fulfilling life. 

Alexandra Descalzi, MA, LPC, ACS
Founder & Lead Therapist
Licensed Professional Counselor #37PC00465500
Approved Clinical Supervisor #ACS02163
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
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Anna has 7 years of experience in the helping profession. As one of the Ever Free founders, she has incorporated the intrinsic therapeutic properties of nature with her love of helping others through counseling. Her interest is born from a combination of her own love of being outdoors and the success she has observed with clients who have healed and grown from connecting to nature.  Her goal is to provide you with her knowledge of mental health counseling while incorporating the unique techniques found in eco-therapy. 

Anna Sumerlin, MA, LPC, NCC
Co-Founder & Lead Therapist
Licensed Professional Counselor #37PC00624500
National Board Certified Counselor #336543

Alan has 8 years experience working in mental health. He integrates elements he has learned from over 10 years of practicing a traditional Chinese Kung Fu style into his counseling approach. His goal is to help you experience the outdoors and realize the spiritual and healing benefits it can bring into your life.

Alan Chirino, MA, LAC
Co-Founder & Lead Therapist
Licensed Associate Counselor #37AC00366500
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