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Parents are an essential part of our kids programs. Our goal is to help children reach their highest potential in an environment where parents and caregivers can also learn to reduce their own stress level and enhance their well being. 


When a parent and or caregiver attends one of our childrens program they will be provided with the tools to understand how to assess and identify their child's needs. 


Our adult individual services can also be tailored to assist each parent/caregiver individually to explore and meet their own needs. 


Email us to learn more about how we can bring a parenting program to your community.

The question isn't so much, are you parenting the right way?

As it is: are you the adult you want your child to grow up to be?

Brene Brown

Stress Management

Take steps to reduce stress for yourself and your child and learn relaxation techniques


Lets us  show you how outdoor play is inherently therapeutic for both youth and caregiver and how it leads to stronger family bonds


We will help you understand your childs stage of development, what to expect 


We will provide you with tools that will assist you in guiding  your child to manage their needs while helping parents manage the stressors of parenting 

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