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Mental Health Services 

*Crisis Help 

 If you or someone you know is

having a mental health crisis please click below for links to

 24 hour crisis centers 

*Mental Health Sources

We at Ever Free believe it's important for all types of mental health care services

to be available to all.

Click below to see a list of services you can reach out to by county to better help you explore your options

* Ever Free Wellness Crisis Help and Mental Health Resources information provided is for the state of New Jersey only, the state we operate in. If you or someone you know is in need of help and you reside outside of New Jersey please visit the National Alliance on Mental Health for help in you area of residence. 

 Self-Help Resources 

Parents + Caregivers

Caring for children is an amazing but also at times overwhelming journey. For caregivers we offer sites that provide information about mindful  approaches to parenting and child-rearing. 


At Ever Free your journey for growth does not end with us, we encourage you to continue your journey for self care and offer a list of sites you can explore 

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