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Ever Free Wellness is a company dedicated to helping the community grow, heal, connect, and learn. My goal is to encourage mental health development and awareness by offering individual counseling services, professional lectures on mental wellness, and outdoor nature-based therapeutic programs.

Alexandra Descalzi, MA, LPC, ACS

My Story

My name is Alexandra Descalzi, I am a licensed Professional Counselor with over 15 years of work experience in the mental health field.  My devotion to my family brought me to study the impact of early childhood experiences on development and growth. My goal is to educate children, parents, teens, and adults on how experiences can mold and shape our brains, functioning, and well-being.


I graduated from NJ Caldwell University Master’s Program in 2008. My career began at non-profit mental health agency where I provided crisis intervention, assessment, and counseling to clients ages 2 to late adulthood. My focus was providing support, referral, and advocacy for victims of domestic violence, abuse, and neglect.​

After 10 years as a Senior Clinical Counselor, I became Program Director and continue to provide clinical supervision and direction to early career counselors by ensuring the delivery of high-quality, safe, and effective mental health care focused on improving outcomes for clients and their families.

I founded Ever Free Wellness in 2018 with the primary goal of helping people grow and heal beyond the office walls. The Ever Free Dream began with my admiration of my colleagues’ experience, their interest in nature, and the success they had in incorporating wellness and mental health into their treatment approach. I will be the first to tell you that I am not a huge fan of nature. However, my work in the mental health field and my devotion to my family brought me to further study the impact of early childhood experiences on development and growth. In my long career, I have observed the long-term negative impact of stress, abuse, neglect, and mental health needs on children and how it transcended into adulthood. I further learned firsthand the positive effects of incorporating evidence-based mental health treatment. There are clear benefits from having support and connecting to your most valuable resources; your backyard, your park, the sun, your family, your neighbors, and your environment.


I will bring you evidence-based practices to help your mental health wellness while showing you how creating experiences in nature can lead to a healthier and more self-fulfilling life.

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