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Ever Free offers your business individualized programs depending upon your teams needs.  We focus on team-building, mindfulness productivity, empathy training, and multicultural awareness. Our programs are hands on and will provide your staff with the skills to build a growth mindset for having a pro-active attitude and focus in work tasks and responsibilities.


  Programs can take place at a park of your choice or in your workplace. 

We offer different levels of consulting services so that you can select the particular combination of services to meet the needs and budgets of your organization. 

Contact us today to see how we can help you. 

Better Mindset Better Business 

Empower, Motivate, Succeed


Want to see your staff become more self-motivated?

  • Bringing nature into your office space to increase morale and productivity.

  • Setting effective work breaks that do not disrupt productivity. 

  • Exercises that Increase emotional intelligence. 


Help your staff to ​stop complaining and start solving by: 

  • Refining professional communication skills.

  • Engaging and Improving team effectiveness.

  • Facilitating brainstorming and problem solving sessions so staff can become solution focused.


Want to teach your staff the soft skills needed for success?

  • Learn to manage stress.

  • Build resilience. 

  • Teach your staff to change their mindset can improve health. 

  • Help staff adapt to become adaptable to change. 

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