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Ever Free’s goal is to create unique community service programs for children and adults that provide positive and meaningful experiences. We want to help the community interact with natural elements while providing an opportunity for personal growth. 

Each tailored program can meet specific needs such as teaching and understanding development, learning to manage fears and anxiety, self-regulation, empathy, pro- social behavior, combating bullying, and modeling positive and mindfulness parenting.

Reach out to us and ask how we can help.

Community Outreach Programs

We offer free community programs and fee-based programs that are determined by the size of the group, materials, and length of time. 

Ever Free looks to assist everyone in the community and we are flexible and able to work within your budget. See below examples of current active programs. 

Group of Diverse Multiethnic People Teamwork

Ask a Therapist Program

Ever wonder what is the difference between feeling depressed and having a depressive disorder? How does a caregiver know if their child is typically anxious, as in part of normal development, or suffering from an anxiety disorder?

In our Ask a Therapist program a Licensed Professional Counselor will answer behavioral concerns, questions regarding mental health, provide mood inventories to assess needs, and provide guidance on services that can be of further help. 

community mental health programs, free programs

Artful Growing Program

Imagine playing with paint, salt, and leaves and learning patience, understanding what it means to be mindful, growing emotionally. I have created hands on art activities to help children learn skills that will assist them to not only grow emotionally but also set them in a path to assist them to manage difficulties and setbacks that they may face.

Let us come to you and show you the many skills I have incorporated in our hands-on programs: self-confidence, problem- solving skills, focus, mindfulness, coping skills, and emotional regulation, in a fun interactive way. Though we love to run group outdoors we can also bring the outdoor fun indoors.

African American mother and her daughter hugging with daughter in forest

Bonding & Healing Program

Whether you are a new parent, a young parent, a parent who has experience a recent trauma, and/or a caregiver helping raise a child, I understand the difficulties you might face in child-rearing. I have designed interactive programs that take parents and caregivers through exercises and activities that foster bonding and healing. 

Ever Free looks to not only bring this program to parks in the local community but also to Domestic Violence Shelters and or organizations that are looking to help parents, caregivers and children heal from emotional trauma and achieve a deeper level of family integration.

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