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Wellness is...


Family Conflicts can seem unsolvable until the right tools are presented to parent and child. It is never too late to connect and build a healthy relationship within families.


At a time when it may feel like all is lost or is not worth trying we are here to help you find your way and connect you the support you will need to heal

Developing& Growing

Childhood and Teen years are the most powerful time to learn the tools to navigate the ever changes we go through as we grow and learn. Our programs are designed to empower parents, children, and youth to becoming the best YOU.



In this fast pace society we need to learn how to balance our work, personal, and family life without becoming overwhelmed or overpowered our surrounding tech. You will be amazed by learning how a few minutes of time to yourself can have a huge impact on your day



We have found that it has become harder and harder four our peers in the mental health field to have affordable training and support. We seek to bring training's & internship programs to mental health professionals with the goal of growing a network that will build a stronger community.

Learning New Skills


Nature is our Niche.

Our to go go when we need to recharge.

Let us show you how adding simple every day little pieces of the outdoors can make a huge impact and difference in your daily life. 

Team Work

There are many factors impacting today’s workers, and our purpose is to bring to professionals the skills that help build a growth mindset for having a proactive attitude and focus. 

Let us show you how to create a culture of wellness in the workplace

Having Support

Having the someone that can help you navigate your needs can make all the difference. Whether you need to connect to resources or have a better undestanding of your mental health needs we are here for you

Wellness starts with You

Ever Free Wellness is a company dedicated to helping the community grow, heal, connect, and learn. We are licensed mental health professionals breaking away the stigma behind mental health by offering lectures in mental wellness, individual and family counseling services, outdoor playgroups, teen groups, and trainings to the next generation of mental health peers. 


Whether you are looking to meet in an office or are looking for a different environment for growth we are dedicated to taking mental health services beyond the office walls and bringing it directly to you. 

Our Hope for You

  • That you are able to navigate the system of help available to you whether you are seeking a counselor, therapist, coach, or psychiatric help.

  • That you are able to navigate the system of help available to you whether you are seeking a counselor, therapist, coach, or psychiatric help.

  • To eliminate the fears of reaching out for help by our helping hands and knowledge in the mental health field.

  • To connect you with the wonderful therapeutic aspects of nature and remove the stigma behind mental health and wellness.

Sowing seeds of understanding, connecting our roots to others, growing into our highest selves 

Ever Free Team


Ever Free Wellness provides

creative, nature-based services 

 outdoors and indoors

with the goal of teaching

people how to

connect with their

environment by becoming

emotionally intelligent individuals while promoting meaningful relationships.

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