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Ever Free Wellness

Planting a Tree


Ever Free Wellness is a company dedicated to helping the community grow, heal, connect, and learn. My goal is to encourage mental health development and awareness by offering individual counseling services, professional lectures on mental wellness, and outdoor nature-based therapeutic programs.

Your New Chapter Begins Now

Everyone deserves to feel supported during difficult times, capable of handling life's challenges, and feel connected with the people they love.

Everyone has the right to find Wellness.

But, what does it mean to feel well? What is Wellness?


Wellness is...

Having Support


Having someone to help you understand your needs can make all the difference. An expert to connect you to resources and help you increase your understanding of the available tools to maintain and improve your mental health is very important.

Digestion Disorders

Healing and Connecting


Once you are well equipped with the right tools to connect with the people around you, resolving conflicts with others is within reach. It is never too late to connect and build healthy relationships.

Development and Growth


Childhood and adolescence are optimal life stages to learn the coping skills that can you manage the life changes as we grow and learn. My strategy has always been empowering parents, children, and youth to becoming the best YOU.

"In the midst of our struggles, we are looking for understanding, support, validation, and presence"


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Phone Number: 973-446-5185

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